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LED screen ALTOONA in Nitra

1 LED screen ALTOONA in Nitra

Installation of LED screen with remote control and content management system of dimensions 5,6 x 3 meters, resolution 448x224, latest technology PN 12 SMD 3in1. The screen is located on the fasade of shopping mall MLYNY at the most exposed crossroad in the centre of Nitra. The display is hermetically closed while two fully automated air-conditioning units control internal temperature and humidity. This LED screen display surpasses all existing installations in Slovakia by its brightness, richness of colors, wide viewing angles and art of mechanical construction and its fixture. This LED screen ALTOONA installation is another proof of accomplishment for ALTOONA company, following first-rate installations in Bratislava and Levice.

These days there is a unique opportunity in Slovakia for all who take up interest in LED displays to see two LED screen displays at one crossroad in Nitra and thus compare the level of individual producers in practice. Just come to the crossroad of Štefánikova and Štúrova streets a be inspired.

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