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Our customers can influence a consumer right where everyone of them makes his buy decision: at the point of sale. Affordability of out-of-home media and low personal requirements to control such a multimedia advertising network are a considerable added value for investors.

Every advertising network is different. That is why there must be a variety of choices

Content management and control system equipment for playing out ads on the screens has to be personalized to the requirements of the network owner. The owner of one LED screen has different requirements for content management than an owner of 300 plasma screens in 24 shopping malls in two countries. Other needs has an owner of 8 fashion shops or bathroom studios, who uses advertising screens exclusively for promotion of his products. It is not possible to provide just one system because if it should satisfy all needs, it would be too complicated and expensive.

Content management system must be designed to be able to function remotely through all available communication channels (ISDN, ADSL, LAN, WAN, 3G networks and satellite), to support most media formats (JPG, Flash, QuickTime, MPEG2, MPEG4, Shockwave, HTML, MP3, WMV, WMV-HD), and to connect unrestricted number of displays of any kind (LED displays, plasma and LCD dislays, projectors).

Content management systems and software are delivered to customers on a turn-key basis, or as a service, so that the advertising networks owners do not have to take care of system maintenance. The customers may choose from various software according to which particular system attributes they prefer.


Turn key delivery and financing of digital advertising media software - digital signage distribution and control systems.