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Product Tells Much On Company
And People Who Run It.

It tells much even on the customers who buy it. On the values they respect. There is a hidden story behind every LED screen ALTOONA. The real story of the manufacturers, customers, ad salesmen, advertisers and their families. A story of responsible people. With values and clear visions.

Imagine the possibilities of LED screens

Large LED screens are currently the most renowned and effective type of medium used in outdoor advertising. They offer unlimited possibilities for displaying any kind of information on a large screen visible from the distance of several hundred metres.

LED displays can attract larger amount of customers directly into the store or any other point of sale. They are most effective in large shopping malls or on building facades. Their shining brightness draws attention of passers-by at a long distance and informs them about current events and sale offers.

Full color LED screens very impressively display any info scheduled by their owners at real time. They significantly reduce advertising costs. They have immediate impact on customers right at the store entrance as the customers can compare their needs with the actual offer.

The high rate of customers┬┤ attention drawn by LED screen means quick return on investment.


Turn key delivery, financing, rent of large LED mega screens.