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15 years of PAVA group

The choice of an experienced partner has the major influence on the success of your project. Being managers, you are aware of that. Our customers expect solutions which will bring them continuous profit, good reputation and success. Our customers are proud of their business.


Why don't you offer LED display modules which would be posibble to assemble into entire LED display?

LED display modules were originally designed for rentals. That is why many parameters of LED display modules were configured to succeed in the market of audiovisual technology rentals (simple montage, easy transport and installation). On the other hand, the requirements for large LED scree…

Is it possible to verify whether the actual brightness of LED screen corresponds to the agreed figure values? How can I be sure that I receive the same screen the manufacturer presened in his offer?

There is no certainty, all depends on manufacturer's credibility. Various manufacturers use various methods for determining brightness and other image parameters. That does not assure that figure values of individual manufacturers are identical. There are manufacturers who determine total …

What is the lifetime of LED screens?

Some manufacturers state the lifetime of 50.000 hours, others up to 100.000 hours. The main problem is that this value is a theoretical lifetime of LED diodes when running them at certain conditions stated by manufacturer of electronic components. If LED screen manufacturers keeps these pa…