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The Best Things
Are Always Simple.

15 years of PAVA group

The choice of an experienced partner has the major influence on the success of your project. Being managers, you are aware of that. Our customers expect solutions which will bring them continuous profit, good reputation and success. Our customers are proud of their business.


Is it difficult to receive financial support for large advertising technologies purchase?

Not at all. Administration has been simplified to such extent that it is similar to asking for financing by a bank or a leasing company. Of course that a company willing to purchase must have some financial past. Today no subject without liability can get any financial support for its proj…

What else can you do for our project?

There are plenty of things we can help our customers with when preparing and starting their project. Contact us and we will mutually find them out at personal meeting and will suggest an optimal combination of products and services so as your project may be successful.

Why do you not offer LED screens manufactured in China?

Every week various LED screen manufacturers approach us with request of representing their products in markets in which PAVA GROUP acts. Only a few products fulfill the criteria of a top quality. Our customers require exclusively top quality LED screens and therefore PAVA GROUP does not co…