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15 years of PAVA group

The choice of an experienced partner has the major influence on the success of your project. Being managers, you are aware of that. Our customers expect solutions which will bring them continuous profit, good reputation and success. Our customers are proud of their business.


What should I carry out before ordering a LED screen?

There are more things to do. First you have to choose a site and find out if there is internet access and sufficient power circuit. Next you have to gain building permit for advertising media installation. The financing for our customers is our concern.

Is it possible to verify whether the actual brightness of LED screen corresponds to the agreed figure values? How can I be sure that I receive the same screen the manufacturer presened in his offer?

There is no certainty, all depends on manufacturer's credibility. Various manufacturers use various methods for determining brightness and other image parameters. That does not assure that figure values of individual manufacturers are identical. There are manufacturers who determine total …

What if someone intentionally damages the LED screen? How are LED screens protected against vandalism?

Intentional damage by vandalism is very scarce. But large LED screens Altoona are ready even for such cases.