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15 years of PAVA group

The choice of an experienced partner has the major influence on the success of your project. Being managers, you are aware of that. Our customers expect solutions which will bring them continuous profit, good reputation and success. Our customers are proud of their business.


Why don't you offer LED display modules which would be posibble to assemble into entire LED display?

LED display modules were originally designed for rentals. That is why many parameters of LED display modules were configured to succeed in the market of audiovisual technology rentals (simple montage, easy transport and installation). On the other hand, the requirements for large LED scree…

Why do LED screens Altoona have several times longer lifetime, such a high reliability, brightness, contrast and color homogeneity?

Large LED screens Altoona are 100% manufactured in Europe exclusively for their project, just like other products sought by our customers. As there is no need to focus on LED screen modules standardization, it is possible to adjust technical parameters to suit its owner: to project reliabl…

Why I did not find any technical parameters and price of LED screens?

LED screens and digital advertising networks are constructed in cooperation upon several variables. There is nothing like an universal standard here. Every project of our customers is unique and requires individual approach in order to fulfill demanding criteria relevant to these projects.…