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15 years of PAVA group

The choice of an experienced partner has the major influence on the success of your project. Being managers, you are aware of that. Our customers expect solutions which will bring them continuous profit, good reputation and success. Our customers are proud of their business.


How much does a large LED screen cost?

The price must come out from the understanding of customers' needs, which are individual. Just as it is not possible to say how much is a car or a house, it is not possible without exact understanding of project factors to determine a price of LED screens. Approximate prices are from sever…

Why do you not offer LED screens manufactured in China?

Every week various LED screen manufacturers approach us with request of representing their products in markets in which PAVA GROUP acts. Only a few products fulfill the criteria of a top quality. Our customers require exclusively top quality LED screens and therefore PAVA GROUP does not co…

What should I carry out before ordering a LED screen?

There are more things to do. First you have to choose a site and find out if there is internet access and sufficient power circuit. Next you have to gain building permit for advertising media installation. The financing for our customers is our concern.